PRAISE'xrcise video - No gym membership required!!

I just love home videos. I was going through archives of home videos and came across this footage. I enjoyed it so much I couldn’t stop laughing :-) I call it PRAISE’xrcise -- staying in shape spiritually & physically. No gym required!! What to bring:  A Joyful heart, free Spirit / dose of inner madness lol, mouth full of praises & smiles, dumbbells (which doubles as your microphone lol) and a little adorable friend :-)

Where there’s PRAISE, there’s POWER -- no fear, no stress!!! Come ye therefore, PRAISE-On and sweat the “hell” out!!! Most importantly, the 3G -- Give Glory to GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



ASK: The answer may be *YES*


If you don’t ask for what you want, the answer is already “No”. Why not ask, and maybe the answer will be “YES”!?



Life doesn’t get easier, YOU just get stronger!

This is for You, if you’ve experienced Loss; This is for You if you’ve stumbled or fallen; This is for You if you’ve encountered obstacles or defeat… But it’s especially for You who BELIEVE it is possible to find MEANING & PURPOSE hidden in your trials. Stand up, dust yourself off and “dance” like no one is watching :-) enJOY!!!
!♥!!♥!♥!♥!! !♥!♥!♥!♥!♥!♥! !♥!♥!♥!♥!♥!♥!

Make Everyday *O*


Open Your Mind Obey Your Spirit Overcome Your Fears!!!

Meet Bernice the Word-Weaver & allow your Soul to blush!!


If anything were to describe Bernice, she would say “it’s all my poems combined”. Someone close once described me and my writing as ‘Red’ as in blood from a bleeding heart, love and passion. I sometimes feel like if I were to burst open, tiny pieces of hearts would come flying . . . → Read More: Meet Bernice the Word-Weaver & allow your Soul to blush!!


Banana-Almond Accra

This is my healthy version of Accra-Banana. I simlpy replaced cassava/yuca with Oatmeal and instead of deep frying, I baked I later decided to add Almond and interestingly, the Almond version scored more points among my very rigid panel of Food-critics (aka husband, kids & a couple of teenage . . . → Read More: ACCRA-BANANA INSPIRED

♥~♥EGUSI IS SEXY♥~♥ Recipe for COUPLES ONLY!!!

Egusi IS sexy

OK, for one minute, let’s forget the overrated heart-shaped V-day chocolates … I hereby declare that Egusi is Sexy♥~♥

I call this *Egusi is Sexy* because we all know that Egusi by itself is bland and tasteless. However I decided to thrust it up & unite it with . . . → Read More: ♥~♥EGUSI IS SEXY♥~♥ Recipe for COUPLES ONLY!!!

The Key to Success!?!

Key to Success


The Key to Success… 

Be Yourself!

Be yourself

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Be yourself, everyone else is taken! ~Oscar Wilde

PRAY about everything!


QUOTE OF THE WEEK: PRAY about everything! Worry about nothing!