Getting Fit With “Afr’xercise” – My best workout merger with Results!

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I love dancing: jumping, kicking, skipping, boxing, shaking, squatting, spinning, flying, LOL!… and if anyone observes the African dance styles, they have these characteristics.  I also enjoy working out regularly to Teabo videos; I call it my free personal trainer. LOL! I’m sure most of us do the latter or the former. Sometimes during my workoout routines, I have the tendency to sneak in some african dance styles like “soukous”, “ndombolo”, “decale”, “bend sikin”, “bikutsi” etc. After observing a lot of these routines during my workouts my husband couldn’t help giving it a special name. He coined the term “Afr’obics” and later ”Afr’xercise”…

 Ultimately the idea is simply merging the beauty of  these unique moves and having lots of FUN with it!!

It helps to know that what I love doing has significant benefits. Most of us probably already know these facts about exercising: helps eliminate toxins, helps boosts your energy level, increases strength and stamina, lower the risk of certain diseases, burns extra calories, enhances oxygen flow throughout the body, improves blood flow, etc.

For vanity purposes, we’ve read, heard or seen that that it adds a sparkle and radiance to complexion, improves body shape, tones and firms muscles, provides more muscular definition, enables weight loss, improves posture and help you look fit. It’s also a known fact that it improves your mood and I believe this because after my workouts, Ohh, is my spirit uplifted! 

It should be clear that Afr’xercise is just a vehicle and vehicles don’t operate themselves. So, come’on let’s actually utilise this vehicle and drive it to looking good, feeling great and having fun!

Are you convinced? Grrrrreat!!! Now, let’s start reaping the benefits!

Video coming soon…

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