The Voice-Of-Truth says: Do not be afraid!

What is your “voice-of-truth” telling you?

I must admit I was having writer’s block about this topic because I was still in the state of wonder… I mean it intrigues and baffles me sometimes to think of the different angles from which we humans approach life… The more I questioned, the more curious I became. I really wanted to know what the people I respect thought about this and what it means to them.

My first target was my husband. My question to him was, “what does the voice-of-truth mean to you? Without blinking or wasting a second, he said “Conscience!“ To me, it means doing the right thing! It tells me to do what’s right even when it’s seemingly hard or complicated”. I wasn’t surprised because for the many years I’ve known him, that’s how he operates… As our conversation continued, he mentioned something else (that rang “gong” bells loud in my mind)… “but you see, people can choose to ignore it…”


That’s it! THE CHOICE! That’s what makes all the difference! THE CHOICE!

My next target was a friend I called. She’s so hilarious. When I introduced the topic, she went rainbows with the following questions: Do you know how many people told Obama he couldn’t do it? Do you know how many people said he couldn’t win? Do you know how many people criticized even Mother Teresa, I mean think about it, Mother Teresa?!? Do you know what kept her going? Do you know … do you know…, she went on and on with multiple “do you knows” of a list of various individuals both famous and unknown who overcame the “opposing voice”, believed and did remarkable things in their lifetime…. And finally I said “Ha! they CHOSE to listen… to THEIR voice-of-truth”. Her response was “okay you answered your own question, why did you call me? LOL!

It may sound comical and yes, I’m all about not taking life too seriously but let’s reflect for a minute here: what does it take to release ourselves from the lies we believe everyday about our existence?

It sometimes astonishes me, with admiration of course, to think:

  • What gives some human being (sitting in his little corner of his world), the audacity to believe that he can produce some gigantic heavy object (made of God knows what) to float in the air and transport people across the continents?
  • What gives someone, who’s walking “in a dark valley” the hope that he will make it to the “top of the mountain”?
  • What makes people choose to do the right thing even when they are presented with “easier” short-cuts?
  • What makes people get out of their comfort zones, give up their time, gifts, energy to reach out to others?
  • What is it that keeps someone growing stronger and stronger when they are disowned by loved ones and told they are “worthless”?
  • What propels a destitute to turn his/her life around when (s)he is frequently reminded of her failures and blunders?

I have encountered all these different characters and I’m inclined to conclude that the common element is the voice they CHOOSE to listen to. Their choice not to ignore that voice has a whole lot to do with it and they embody the freshness and life that comes along with that voice.

Now, we know other contradictoryvoices may come into play here and we blame it on  he, it, she, they, you, we, them, bla, bla,bla, lalala…

The point is: What is your voice saying? And are you Choosing to hear CAN or CAN’T???

My wish for you is that you CHOOSE to listen to the voice that says “Do not be afraid!”, “You too can!”, “Go forth and live!”, “Set yourself Free and Fly!”…

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