The Dynamic Jewelry Designer

Linda puts her heart and soul into each piece she designes. She creates necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets, etc. The pieces are, of course all handmade and she pays very close attention to detail. Linda’s says her “designs are dictated by the needs and demands of those who wear her jewelry. “I listen to the client and find out what they wants in terms of color, shape, size, length…, then I go to work with her wish in mind.” Some people are all about simplicity, for others the more complex the better.

Linda is an accountant by profession, dealing with all sorts of record keeping that is essential in contributing to the success of a business. She adds “I am however, a very practical person who enjoys creating ‘things’. Just knowing that I can make something gives me a sense of fulfilment. I enjoy arts and crafts in my spare time including sewing, designing and making jewellery by hand. I always look forward to Wednesday evening when I get to play basketball and do enjoy swimming on weekends. Meanwhile, I sing throughout the week! lol”

For more on Linda’s Jewely, visit the DIVINE BOUTIQUE or click here:

 You can’t light a candle and put it under a table. You have to put it on a high surface to shine. 


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