Touching lives with her Art, making a difference… A True Artist Indeed!

Passion: My passion is art! Second to my family. When I am down or troubled, Art can take me away from everything. Thats what I love to talk to the children about, what art can do for them. My passion as a face painter is to watch the amazement and the excitement on the faces that I paint. I tell the kids face painting can let you be any thing or any one you want to be, just for the day!

Just two days ago I painted for my sexual assualt group, (I am a sexual assualt advocate for rape victims) my little client was 11 years old and had been brutally raped three days prior to our event. Her eyes were so black and blue, her cheek was swollen. I was her advocate at the hospital, and she recognized me! We sat and talked, she told me she couldn’t stand to look at her face right now, and it bothered her to have people look at her. she wished she could get face painted, but she knew I didn’t want to touch her! I told her that when I looked at her I saw nothing but beauty! And I would be honored to paint her! So we started a design. I carefully painted her bruised face, asking her if I was hurting her at all times. She stated no. It was the most amazing beautify painting that I think I had ever produced! She cried when she looked into the mirror. My passion well thats it! To put smiles on faces, one at a time!

The Big Picture: Well I think I am now living my dream! I get to visit people of all walks of live, chat and paint them, making smiles as I go!

Favorite Quote(s):
1. Dance like there is no tomorrow
2. Live, Love, Laugh
3. Always and Ever – this was told me by my mom when I was 7 years old. She told me it was our secret talk. The meaning of “Always and Ever” was – you will ALWAYS be in my heart, and I will EVER love you. So we would say this to each other as I grew up. I then married and told it to my husband. I was blessed with four daughters and I told each and every one of them of my secret chat. My mom is in heaven now and I miss her dearly, but I thank GOD for the time we had together and what she had taught me and I was able to pass it onto my children, Always and Ever.

THE “3:00AM CALL”: LOL! What (food item) will wake you up @ 3:00AM? Oh my this is by far the hardest choice! Chocolate chip cookies! I will attack a chocolate chip cookie at 3 am! And oh yes, I must have a small glass of milk to go with it! LOL!

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