Cinnamon & Sin? Well, says the

Angela is a 30-something Londoner who loves writing and reading poetry. She’s also a lover of music and movies.

Angela is Inspired! I needed to keep occupied when my department closed and I lost my job and couldn’t find anything for months. I started writing again with a little encouragement from some great people I met online. By the time I found a new job, the book was completed and published and soon after in 2008 my first book ‘INSPIRED’ was out there! Now finding myself in the middle of another career transition I am working on 2 new collections CINNAMON & SIN and ‘INSPIRED: FOR KIDS’ which will be out before the end of the year (maybe even a 4th as yet unnamed collection too!).

I like to think that I live up to the name of my first book by being that inspiration people need to get them to follow a dream or start on a new path through my poetic pursuits. I am pleased to say that some of my mentees have gone onto to write books themselves and one (my best friend) even took over the publishing company I started with and she went on to publish a few before buying it when the previous owner couldn’t manage due to other commitments.

Passion: I love poetry. I love the connections it can make with people you might walk past in the street if you were ever to meet.

The Big Picture: My dream is to own my own publishing company helping bring others literary dreams to life.

Favorite Quote: “Nothing Before It’s Time”. Which is probably why I am such a patient person, because I know my time to do something great is coming soon! But in the meantime I’m happy to continue doing the ‘something good’ I’m doing right now, sharing and enjoying my writing with people.

THE “3:00AM CALL”:LOL! What (food item) will wake you up @ 3:00AM? I love food too much! Probably why I’m so curvy and lovable but I am comfortable with it until time comes to change it. Especially love Mum’s cooking. In INSPIRED, ‘Mama’s Kitchen’ is dedicated to her.

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