There’s Logic In Every Journey

Our lives are indeed a miracle but whether we want others to know of that miracle or benefit from it, is totally up to you. Our dreams lie within us waiting to be fulfilled. Whether we choose to make them a reality is up to us.

It’s often said that those who dream at night wake up in the morning only to discover that it was an illusion but those who dream in the day with their eyes open, see it unfold. Wisdom flows down like a mighty stream from the hearts of those who have amassed years of life’s experiences and seeks its way into the souls of those who esteem its guidance.

A few months ago, I read a book about letters from black grandmothers who were asked to provide the next generation with guidance on the subjects of Peace, Hope, and Inspiration. It was titled, “What Keeps me Standing.” Over a thousand of them wrote these letters, filled with wisdom and encouragement beyond my feeble mind could absorb. One of women, Ms. Sarah Reed, mentioned, “Your dreams will vanish in an instant if you fail to release your song…the world owes you nothing except the opportunity to fail or to succeed. The ladders by which you may climb to attain your good fortune are all about you…You’ve got one life to live so don’t live it on hold.”

Those words inspired me to be more attentive to the opportunities life presents me. Today, my hope is for you to understand that what makes you different is the difference you make. We all understand that life itself is tough and I couldn’t agree less with Bob Johnson who said, “The world is carved out of grindstone. But whether it grinds you downs or polishes you is totally up to you.”

No one ever said success was easy or that at least all things were to be perfect in order for us to achieve our objectives. Behold the maker himself said, “Pick up your cross daily and follow me.” Which reminds me of the inspiring words of Julie G. Williams (one of the women in this book) that, “What the world calls life’s crossroad is actually a cross at the road, so be consoled.”

Whether you decide to become a business man or woman, a sales representative, a janitor, a teacher, an athlete, a doctor, a banker, a nurse, a journalist, a policeman, a firefighter, a driver etc. whatever you decide, you go at it and give it your best. There is still enough space at the top if only you will unleash yourself to achieve your unfulfilled potential. You too can lead!

I remember speaking to a group of prospective chiropractic students in Davenport, Iowa, highlighting the fact that as students in the healthcare industry and future doctors, we too have a choice to make. We must strive to be our best! The type of doctor we choose to become will determine our success. Although life in college could be overwhelming at times, what keeps you standing is the willingness to go on despite your trials.

I recount the words of my parents when I was in high school that, “knowledge is never wasted” and I do my best to pass it on to as many others as possible.

So wherever you are in this world, whatever your mind has conceived of doing for the good of mankind, be humbled and give it your best because you never know who’s watching!

As Ms. Ann Harris puts it, “There’s a logic in every Journey.”

By Princely – he writes bimonthly on his blog: and is also the author of the (soon to be released) book entitled This Moment”.


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