Eastern born, Western bred, with a Global Vision!

Jin is Eastern born, Western bred, with a global vision of transforming our world for the world’s poorest girls. she’s the Founding Director, President of 4Girls GLocal Leadership (4GGL.org). 

In her words: “My journey began in South Korea, born to great wealth. This wealth was short lived when my father passed away. I was only seven months old…but overnight, I became poor because I was a girl. In fact, all women he left behind were not part of the family’s estate. Full story

My sudden poverty changed the course of my life. When I was eight, I moved to the United States and met a phenomenal woman – Barbara Crocker. Better known as “Betty Crocker” for her amazing baking, Barbara showed me a whole new world, not bound by predetermined gender status, but shaped by one’s action. She took me to the Projects of Houston, Texas, to serve the poor. Then and there, I learned that I, a poor immigrant girl raised by a widowed mother, can make a difference in my world.  

I continued this journey, volunteering in the urban slums across America, then Central America, and onward. During this time, I learned about a global injustice, a common denominator in so many poor communities around the world. Gender inequity begins even before birth as 100 million fewer girls alive today because of female feticide and infanticide.  For 600 million girls living in the developing world, many lack access to basic education and health care. Even worse, many suffer the unspeakable brutalities like the Taliban’s acid attacks just for wanting an education, female genital mutilation, gang rape in areas of conflict and war, and on and on.   

So I took action! I launched 4GGL Movement – a “glocal” social change movement to value and invest in the world’s poorest girls. I also developed a multi-generational women’s leadership model to ignite the amazing power of girls in the developing world. Empowering girls is not just the nice thing to do. It’s THE RIGHT thing to do. Today, the largest youth population exists in history with the majority in the developing world. If half – girls – are continuously marginalized, their fundamental human rights violated every single day, our world’s population and tragedies will multiply impacting every human life in our interconnected world. 

4GGL is THE SOLUTION to poverty and extremism, advancing all eight Millennium Development Goals. The ingenuity is activating OUR OWN leadership potential – the wisdom of awakened women (and men!) – to make leadership development possible for the world’s poorest girls.  

Simone Weil said: We have to accomplish the possible in order to touch the impossible.  This is 4GGL! 

Passion: Awakening human potential

The Big Picture: I envision a world where every girl’s inherent worth and leadership potential is recognized, providing every girl the opportunity to empower herself and change her world.

Favorite Quote(s): To be born a girl is a gift we are given.  To become a real woman of wisdom and courage is a gift we give the world.  – Marianne Williamson

Simone Weil said: We have to accomplish the possible in order to touch the impossible.  Everything in life happens because of passion; Everything right in life happens because of compassion.

The 3:00AM Call: LOL! What (food item) will wake you up @ 3:00AM? Breakfast!

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