… this is what the future is made of…

Take Time To Dream; It’s what the future is made of!

When I was growing up, my father brought home the poem “Take Time” on a poster size paper and demanded that we all read it, then he placed it on the wall leading to the hallway (a strategic position) that was easily visible to the eyes that walked by. And I think his intentions and his strategy were honored because it transformed my thinking about the things we value in our lives.

I recently found out that the poem is based on an old English prayer adapted from a Bible scripture (Ecclesiastes 3:1-7), and the original author of this version is unknown. I have also included a link to that scripture for whoever wishes to snoop. It’s there for you to enjoy and hopefully be inspired by. I know I was!

Let’s all take time for what is really important in our lives.

Always, always be grateful … and remember to pray, dream, smile, read, play, love, give, work, hug, kiss, sing, rejoice, dance and…

laugh a whole lot!

Life is too short and precious to live it downtrodden.

Share this page with your friends and family and I hope this will help us value the ONLY time we have…

which is… Now!



Author Unknown 
Take time to think… it is the source of power
Take time to read… It is the foundation of all wisdom
Take time to be quiet… It is the opportunity to seek God
Take time to play… it is the secret of perpetual youth
Take time to pray… it is the greatest power on earth
Take time to love and be loved… it is a God-given privilege
Take time to be friendly… it is the road to happiness
Take time to laugh… it is the music of the soul
Take time to give… it is too short a day to be selfish
Take time to dream… It is what the future is made of
Take time to work… it is the price of success
Take time to do charity… it is the key to heaven

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