When it comes to the subject of eating, the basic lesson I have learned is that each time we eat food, we digest it, it is absorbed and therefore becomes part of us. I can’t help but remember the wise saying that ”you are what you eat”.

Personally, from my experience, I have boiled good health down to two main things that are within our control: Eat Right + Exercise. Of course there may be other complicated conditions that could impede our health and since I’m not a health practioner, I wouldn’t delve into that arena. But I know for fact that what I have used as my guidelines; and what has worked very well for me so far can be categorized as:

Life Food Vs. Dead Food “Tug-of-Yumm!”

Whenever I come across the two, I remember this: Life-Food is fresh, nutritous, loaded with vitamins, minerals, colorful and looks pretty natural, i.e. just the way nature intended. The Dead-Food on the other hand is processed, packaged, either too salty, sweet or greasy.  When we are faced with the decision to choose what we put into our system, when we are at that crossroad of choosing what will ultimately become part of our cells or mixed into our blood, what then do we do? Choose the LIFE or the DEAD catergory?

Now, this is not to say I do not savor the occassional chin-chin (deep-fried dough) or the good-old beans drenched in oil or sodium, or some cheese-packed-no-vegetable lasagna because I do; yumm; but the point is, I make sure it stays that way – OCCASSIONAL!

Please let’s make the effort to “lean” towards LIFE more often than we do towards the DEAD; because you love yourself and your body that much!

Yumm’ing 4 Life!!!


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