YOU are a child of the universe!

This is that time of the month when effervescence takes over me because I know my Mind is definitely going to get some well-deserved “adjustments”.  LOL! I’m talking about this guest post from someone whose mission in life is not only to adjust your spine, but your mind as well. Without much ado, OH LEAD ME is proud of  the Speaker and Author of the book entitled This Moment: Ebwe Princely – who happens to be my brother :) May his words impart wisdom and spark something within you :)

Hi folks, do you wake up some days and wonder if life is truly just?
Do you sit down sometimes and ponder what your purpose on this earth is?
Are there evenings when you feel like you world has been turned up side down?
Do you get on your knees at times and pray God to guide you through just another day?
Or do you feel some days like if you knew then what you know now, life would be perfect?
The list goes on as you may know and since we all have a choice about how we regard each day, today I’ve made a choice to share some insight with you.

After listening to a few of the most of brilliant minds in history and reading from some of the most prolific writers on our planet, one piece of advice I’ve reaped consistently is to find that “SOMETHING” to draw inspiration from. In other words, we all should recognize what is our source of strength. This is quite important because in the daily grind of things, we can easily lose our focus and motivation. Personally, I’m a lover of profound thoughts and one of the poems that continually inspires me as well as many people who have read it, is the one below. Maybe you have read it before or have heard of it. Maybe you haven’t. Maybe you read it before but have forgotten its impact. Maybe you remember. Wherever you’ve found yourself before, it’s worth reading. I have read it countless times and everytime I do, it rekindles a passion within me. My commitment to you today is that you too may draw from this wellspring of abundant wisdom, so read on. Take the time today to reward yourself because you deserve it!

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