Low calorie smoothie recipe for detox - Detox, baby, Detox!!!


This is my Master Cleanse, low calorie smoothie detox recipe. My Natural detox with health benefits. This smoothie is a safe soothing natural detox for diet and weight loss. I call this my post-thanksgiving Natural Earth Cleanser. If you are living on planet earth, then you know by now that November 25, . . . → Read More: Low calorie smoothie recipe for Detox

How to go through the storms in life!

If there’s one thing I wish for you is that this video reveals: ANYTHING  Is POSSIBLE!!!!!!

Wow, Anything is POSSIBLE !!!!!!!!!!!! BE THANKFUL, Dream Big & Never give up!

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When disparities disappear!♥!


Living like Heaven on Earth !♥!♥ !

When the Spirit is FREE, it knows no disparities. When the Spirit is FREE to LOVE, boundaries disappear! Together, United, we make our universe a more “colorful”, vibrant and amiable place to live.

I don’t need to say much more except that: you need to relax, . . . → Read More: When disparities disappear!♥!