Banana-Almond Accra

This is my healthy version of Accra-Banana. I simlpy replaced cassava/yuca with Oatmeal and instead of deep frying, I baked I later decided to add Almond and interestingly, the Almond version scored more points among my very rigid panel of Food-critics (aka husband, kids & a couple of teenage . . . → Read More: ACCRA-BANANA INSPIRED

♥~♥EGUSI IS SEXY♥~♥ Recipe for COUPLES ONLY!!!

Egusi IS sexy

OK, for one minute, let’s forget the overrated heart-shaped V-day chocolates … I hereby declare that Egusi is Sexy♥~♥

I call this *Egusi is Sexy* because we all know that Egusi by itself is bland and tasteless. However I decided to thrust it up & unite it with . . . → Read More: ♥~♥EGUSI IS SEXY♥~♥ Recipe for COUPLES ONLY!!!