Meet Bernice the Word-Weaver & allow your Soul to blush!!

If anything were to describe Bernice, she would say “it’s all my poems combined”. Someone close once described me and my writing as ‘Red’ as in blood from a bleeding heart, love and passion. I sometimes feel like if I were to burst open, tiny pieces of hearts would come flying out but I am just a girl who adored her father, worships her mother, wears her heart on her face and has love for anyone who wouldn’t shy away from the light (God’s light) within me. I love to be happy and free and cry (usually tears of joy). I love life. I want to accomplish everything and anything that God has blessed me with through my talents and abilities. I dislike negativity, intolerance, hate and all things not related to love. I am a mother, a wife, a friend, a sister, a niece, a neighbor, a flower, lavender, white chocolate but most importantly I am a child of God and my mother’s daughter.

Passion: Words! I was born to write and weave words, hence the nickname “Word-weaver”. I have been writing since the age of ten and that’s the one thing I look forward to doing everyday when I rise, it brings me so much joy to weave words. I figured God himself formed me by speaking me into being, by using words, so how cool is it that once in a while I get to borrow from those words( within me, of me) that he used to form me? He is my Source and out of my abundant Source comes everything bright and beautiful. Does that give you a hint about how much I love words? Well, I am also passionate about health and fitness, I feel forever-19 always, I guess that’s why I created the Forever Young Revolution™ or FYR™ (Fire). FYR™ was also created to share with others and hopefully get them to experience the youthfulness I feel inside. I love photography(Nikota Photography) and the arts. I am also very passionate about everyone I love and people in general (kind-hearted people).

The Big Picture: On the global scale, my dream is for the world to be full of God( love) and peace. Personally, I would love to contribute in eradicating world hunger by feeding the hungry and building wells and orphanages in every needy corner of the world. My dream is to see everyone in the whole world come together in one timeless moment all chanting the ‘Our Father’. I think if we all did that, the clouds would open up and we’d see Jesus in all His glory.

Favorite Quote(s): “Money is definitely not the root of all evil, the lack of love is.”–Bernice Angoh

Favorite Author(s): Sara Teasdale, Khalil Gibran, Og Mandino, Robert Browning, just to name a few. I love non-fiction books that elevate the human spirit and force your soul to blush.

The 3:00AM Call: LOL! What (food item) will wake you up @ 3:00AM? Well, I would’ve said white chocolate so many years ago but after living on the FYR™ program for so long, your body starts to speak a different language. My 3:00am food today will be either writing, meditating or sex ( yes, that way it can put me right back to sleep :-))

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3 comments to Meet Bernice the Word-Weaver & allow your Soul to blush!!

  • Great piece! It’s wonderful to find out more about what defines Bernice, which seems to be as simple as “love.” I love your blog, Therra and Maureen! It’s a peaceful and fun space for positive self expression. Keep up the great work!

  • My dearest duet passionate Therra & pretty Mau…what a great way to describe our precious Angoh. There is no stopping you..keep up the great legacy…

  • I am very honored to have left a footprint on this amazing site. When I am here at OH, LEAD ME I feel peace, joy and I am definitely uplifted. The energy is surreal and that’s because it come from a good place, a sincere and loving heart. Thank you Therra<3<3

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