ASK: The answer may be *YES*


If you don’t ask for what you want, the answer is already “No”. Why not ask, and maybe the answer will be “YES”!?



2 comments to ASK: The answer may be *YES*

  • OMG, Therra, how adorable is this? warms my heart to see father & son in prayer. You are most highly blessed. This is a picture to frame and sell with that quote on it! PRICELESS!

  • OMG Bernice, I love your mind :) You’re always thinking of new ideas $$$$$$ LOL… Thanks my dear; I feel so darn blessed. PRICELESS!!! OK, I have to frame it and think of avenues to market/sell it. Hmmmm, I could paint it too. Thanksssss :)

    Laugh All You can, It’s Free Medicine!

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