Her name is Therra.

If I am asked to enumerate somes names to appear on the “Happiest Persons on Earth” column of the Guiness Book Of Recods, it will be a fatal error or an unpardonable mistake to forget Therra as the first name on my list. Therra needs no approval to smile, no permission to laugh (sorry, I mean a sharp sweet soft scream). She needs no official excuse to dance. It is practically impossible to predict when, where, why her adrenaline will go beserk. Merry as a cricket! Therra is slow to anger, sadness, depression, negativity and failure. She is a highly motivated person with indomitable spirit and a good heart. I forget to ask her why she has never met face to face with self-centredness or individualism or arrogance. She must be very lucky.

She will soon change her hairstyle. What forces me to think desperately aloud is whether the new hairstyle will be synonymous to the old. LoL! What has hair got to do with this? What I am saying is that the still to-be old hairstyle matches her spontaneous lively gesture. Her hair is usually arranged disarranged. It is scattered in different directions in an orderly manner. She has some magic shoes. She must have worked with a Circus or as a model. She uses her high heel shoes to play some tricks with her height. LoL!

Therra could be caught in her private moments feeding the gold fish, dancing, transforming her home into a beach or garden or drawing pictures which she will not bother to interprete. she cooks, jogs, runs sixteen story flights of stairs… Sports to her is a passion or obssession. She has never been seen putting anything in the name of food, drinks in her mouth with both hands. In short, she watches her weight; she knows no Mcdonalds. Her sense of politeness, humility, generosity, public relations, etc, is no secret to peers and family alike. All in all, Therra is everyone’s definition of a nice lady. 

Let’s flip the coin:

Therra has a daily wrestling competition for time management. if you happen to share a bathroom with her, do not allow her to get into the bathroom five hours before your college defense or job interview. She perfctly keeps what is hers and carefully or easily forgets. She fashionably always looks for something. I am sure she finds it without losing much sweat. Since I met her, she is like a pig in the folktale that searches for her grinding stone…

I thank God or should I say the ancestors for two reasons: Firstly, I am too resistant to embrace her flaws. Secondly, she will not read this… LoL!


By Larry Hagman

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