We believe in the wise words: “Your ATTITUDE will determine Your ALTITUDE”. A positive mental attitude is an essential ingredient in living a balanced, fulfilled life. In our endevor to keeping our dreams alive, we are urging and encouraging each other to feed our minds and motivate ourselves with AFFIRMATIONS. It is important that we Ignite the fire within us with passion, let it shine bright, before it goes dim!

Affirmations are a powerful tool for fueling passion and embracing change(which as we all know are inevitable). Adopting, declaring & accepting Affirmations can effectively alter our minds and lives.

We hope you get inspired to by these Affirmations adopted by OH, LEAD ME!:

  1. Where are our Dreams born? In our hearts!
  2. Dreams truely come alive when the Spirit leads!
  3. Believing, we’re acknowledging our fears, walking into open doors!
  4. Confronting our challenges with the commitment to succeed!
  5. Letting go of the ego, we allow the Spirit to thrive!
  6. Focusing on the Spirit, our true Infinite Teacher!
  7. Listening to the “still voice” that never, never fails!
  8. Dreaming, learning from the best, moving forward!
  9. Inspiring, motivating and uplifting each other!
  10. Living (fully) in the Now, making the future Wow!
  11. Feeding our minds with wisdom, growing together!
  12. Helping each other channel our energy towards results!
  13. Creating Life by using our Gifts!
  14. Using Our Gifts, Serving Humanity!
  15. Creating Life, Defining Our Destiny!
  16. Be encouraged! Be of good cheer! You too can win!
  17. OH, LEAD ME! A place to Shine and Fly!
  18. Here duty is born of Love & Passion!
  19. We Give Thanks! Now and Always!
  20. Abundant Life is our destiny!

Purpose, Passion, Fulfillment, Success, Triumph, Excellence, Determination, Courage, Service, Humility, Confidence, Joy, Satifaction, Wellness, Freedom!



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