Her Journey part1

“The meaning of life is to find your gift… The purpose of life is to give it away”

“OH LEAD ME” is born! Oh, what a journey! Thank You Lord for leading me through the fog and helping me find my infinite power!

This thrilling endeavor to create OH LEAD ME began with a dream; a dream that has been waiting in my heart. I say so because this dream has been alive in me for as long as I can remember. In fact those words have been engraved in my heart for a long time and it was just natural that when I bought my first car, those were the letters I’d want displayed on the license plate as a constant reminder and somewhat protection of this dream. Quite frankly, I didn’t know exactly how this dream would manifest itself but I believed that if my heart and God was in it, every detail would somehow unveil itself and it will be alright. I have always had a knack for creativity or any form of expression that comes from our imagination and vision. I have also been drawn to and fascinated by what the great wise masters have to say about relying on our deeper self and trusting the power within in order to birth something from our minds & hearts into physical form. That, to me is Powerful! It validates the belief that we can co-create our realities and destiny. In effect, we have been implanted with seeds of greatness.

Whenever I choose those moments to be still or pray, reflect, think, meditate or just stare into the abyss, I’m virtually taken on a trip within to spend time with “Me, Myeslf and I”. In essence: Me(body), Myself(Mind), and I(Spirit) bonding, engaging, analysing and communicating… I always seem to get similar affirmation that my mind, my creativity is where my seed of greatness dwells — Greatness in the sense of Purpose, Passion and Personal Fulfillment. I’ve always believed it and held on to it knowing the ripe moment to execute my vision would come and I knew that when the time came, I will be totally aware. I also knew that I had to start with baby steps, focus on self-growth, keep an open mind, listen to my intuition, learn on the way, maybe fail, stumble, roam, fall… but most of all TRUST!

My interest in personal development & self growth didn’t hit a core level until when I became a true christian in 2001…

Professionally my background was in Information Technology, but I remember when I initially made the decision to pursue this so called promising career, my reason was actually to use technology to advance my creative skills. However when the world of I.T. later shifted to Wireless Networking, I was lured and tempted by the financial upshot. When I decided to return to school (Georgetown University CPD) to upgrade those skills (which by the way wasn’t my cup-of-tea), I convinced myself that the earning potential would make it worthwhile. But immediately upon this course completion, I landed a job and by some twist in events, I found myself in a department where I could somehow explore my creative juice. It served its purpose at the time; but nothing compared to the true satisfaction I get when I squeez little time (like I’d done ever since I was a little girl) for my true passion: draw/paint, design(web, interior), decorate, read, collect words of wisdom, write short notes, dance, do yoga, teach, connect with nature; because that’s when I trully come alive…

Presently I’m a wife (to the man I consider is the most gracious, loving, supportive husband the universe has ever manifested), a student (studying Interior Design) and a stay-at-home-mom (which I agree is the hardest yet most rewarding job ever known to mankind). Like most couples, my husband and I always have numerous conversations on topics related to how we wish to grow together while maintaining balance in all areas of our lives. The desicion to quit my job almost four years ago and be a stay-@-home Mom was a breeze. I embraced the idea and this role instead of hiring outside help because I believed and still do, that raising the next genaration with our principles, supervision and values would have a direct impact in shaping their lives and future. I can honestly say from the onset I was apprehensive but the experience exposed me to “LIFE” that I enjoyed so much I fantasized about having a large family and believe me I tried…

But what I didn’t know was, well…, it is better expressed in this quote by EM Forster “We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned so as to live the life that is waiting for us.”

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