Your Vision will become clearer only when you look into your HEART.

Guide Me, Oh Lead Me!

Welcome to OH, LEAD ME!! If one life is Motivated, Inspired, Changed, our goal here is accomplished!    

OH, LEAD ME! has a simple question: Are You Doing What You Are Destined To Do?    

And a simple but profound message: Identify Your Purpose,Yes! Dream big,Yes! But first, Protect Your Dream:    

Be still… Give Thanks… Believe…!
Let the Spirit lead… Trust…!
Keep Dreaming… Learn from the Masters… and don’t forget to fully Live! Yaaaaayyy!!

We are all on this challenging but interesting journey for a reason; so, wouldn’t it help to be guarded and guided to find our path? Wouldn’t it at least help to know where we’re going? Uhhhr…yah! Wouldn’t it help to learn the tools we need to navigate this route? Who we need to travel with? Oh, Yes!    

OK, this would most likely compel us to let go of our ego, i.e. keep an open mind and allow our Spirit to thrive and take the driver seat because big dreams usually require stepping into the unknown; where we discover opportunities that once seemed impossible. It is imparative that when identifying our purpose in life and pursuing our dreams, we get in touch with our true self, embrace our spirit because that is our only Infinite Teacher.    

QUESTIONS: Why is it so easy to let our songs fade? Why is it so easy to do/pursue what we really don’t love? Why is it so easy to dismiss our passion?   

Could it be most likely because we let our Spirit in idle-mode and allow other voices to dictate our choices?    

OUR BELIEFS: We believe that when we give ourselves the gifts of being still, giving thanks, believing, regardless of any crisis, we’d realize that these are actually triggers to awaken and activate the “inner self” which, if trusted, can lead us to destinations we only dreamed of. We believe it is just as vital to cherish the gifts of positive relationships by surrounding ourselves with teachers, mentors and peers who will lift our spirit and help us develope our Vision. I don’t believe that we were meant to travel this path of life solo. We need to make time for each other — it is often said that “we-don’t-know what we-don’t-know”; so a teacher/ mentor/ coach/ preacher/ author/ good resourceful friends are there to fill those gaps of ignorance. We believe in encouraging each other to make time and “listen” to these great masters because they are our bridge to opening our minds to the future. OH, LEAD ME! believes that every single one of us possesses a unique trait, attributes or quality we can use to contribute to a better world. Find the thing that authentically ignites LIFE in you and please, light that fire, let it shine bright before it goes dim. We believe that the universe has adorned us with so many resources, it’s actually unlimited! Wow!     

ACTION STEP: We all wish, hope, dream and have desires for a better tommorrow! But we are also Unique!… maybe all we need now is to Trust our “still voice” / “true-self” enough to lead the way; so that our DREAM is protected, our VISION is clear and our STEPS are directed towards the appropriate, often bumpy path that defines our Destiny.        

BE ENCOURAGED: We ought to remember that most of the so-called “extraordinary” people were once ordinary like you and me. They just did something extra, unique, creative, out-of-the-ordinary that made them excel… I’m pretty sure their path was rough too, but the difference is, they Believed & took Action!    

ALL in ALL: There’s a solution: Spend some quality time with your true self, cry out OHH, LEAD ME!, then LISTEN to the Assuring Voice and trust it enough to deliver your own unique message — Use it to Create Life, Live your Dream and Define your Destiny!        

The REWARD: Fulfillment, Victory, Service to Humanity, Wellness in Mind, Body, Spirit, Joy and Freedom!        


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