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When it comes to the subject of our mindset and uplifting our spirits, I’d say I have had a great deal of teaching from the inspirational words of some dynamic books. The kind of books I’ve been drawn to told me a lot about what my soul yearns and my spirit wanted me to pursue. When I was a teenager, my Dad brought home a book entitled Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People and I thank him immensely for that because of the life-changing content and transformational information I gained; which, by the way, will always be a part of me because my mind belongs to Me and Me only!


I learned since then that it is important to surround ourselves with resources that challenge the status quo and propel us towards victory in whatever we decide to do. Yes, we may fall. Yes, we may stumble. Yes, we may meet roadblocks, etc; but when our minds are trained to “think” a certain way, we’ll always, always find some valuable lesson hidden in the dark corners of these setbacks. And most importantly, we’ll be thankful for them.

Our library (well, it’s really not a library, just a bookshelf. LOL!) is housing some of the books that have contributed in shaping our state of mind, uplifting our spirits, and giving us hope. These are some of my favorites.

Many thanks to these Authors for creating such masterpieces and sharing their wisdom with the world. Hopefully you too will find (or may have already found) immense empowering knowledge from these…

… and much more…

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